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Competencies for Effective Leadership: A Framework for Assessment, Education, and Research
Edited by Ralph A. Gigliotti, Ph.D.

What do leaders need to know? What must they do? During this moment of great change, complexity, and conflict facing formal and informal leaders across sectors, it has become increasingly important to understand the competencies associated with effective leadership and to be able to apply the appropriate methods through which to develop, assess, analyze, and enact these competencies. 

In Competencies for Effective Leadership: A Framework for Assessment, Education, and ResearchRalph Gigliotti, Ph.D. Director of Leadership Development and Research in OL and a team of contributors, explore the many ways in which a competency framework can be used within an organizational setting as a model for assessment, education, and research. The Leadership Competency Scorecard, originally developed by Brent Ruben Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Communication and Executive Director of the Rutgers University Center for Organizational Leadership, is examined in-depth throughout this book. 

The chapters delve into the various ways in which this competency framework has been applied in the design and implementation of leadership development programs. They explore how it can be used as a self-assessment and improvement planning guide for individual coaching consultations, as well as a theoretical foundation for advancing leadership and organizational communication research. 

Book contributors include:

Brian D. Agnew, Ph.D., '14, Executive Vice President of Bergen Community College

Maria Dwyer, Ph.D., Part-Time Lecturer, School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University

Richard De Lisi, Ph.D., University Professor, Rutgers University

Christine Goldthwaite, Ph.D., Senior Program Administrator, Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership

Ronald Quincy, Ph.D., Professor of Professional Practice, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University

Brent D. Ruben, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor in the Department of Communication, and Executive Director of the Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership

Cynthia Teniente-Matson, Ed.D., President of Texas A&M University-San Antonio.



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