GMM Requirements and Courses

SC&I offers an undergraduate minor in Gender and Media that is open to and complements all majors at Rutgers University. The classes fulfill a variety of core curriculum requirements for SAS and other schools and can be double-counted for both the Gender and Media and Digital Communications, Information and Media (DCIM) minors.

The 18-credit program consists of:

  • One foundational course
  • Two practice/production courses
  • Two conceptual courses
  • One capstone course

Gender and Media Curriculum

To satisfy the requirements for the minor, you must complete six 3-credit courses with a grade of C or better:

Foundation Course (3 credits)
Choose one:

Practice/Production Courses (6 credits)
This course is required:

Choose one of the following as your second practice/production course:

Conceptual Courses (6 credits)
*Note: Only 3 of 6 credits in this category may be taken at the 200-level.

Choose one of the following as your first conceptual course:

Some Special Topics courses from SC&I programs may be allowed to count towards the minor, with approval; contact Gender and Media Program Director Mary Chayko.

Choose one of the following as your second conceptual course:

Capstone Course (3 credits)
Note: To take this course, you must have already completed at least 12 credits in this minor.

Get the Advice You Need

To help you structure a plan for completing the full program on schedule, please make an advising appointment with SC&I Student Services, located in the SC&I Building, Room 214, at 4 Huntington Street in New Brunswick on the College Avenue Campus (CAC).


A wide variety of internships are available in organizations that focus on social justice, equality and women's rights. For more information, please email Gender and Media Program Director Mary Chayko or Director of Undergraduate Studies, Journalism and Media Studies Steven Miller.