Communities of Practice

The Communities of Practice (CoPs) are an initiative to highlight, share, and expand the inclusive practices that are integral to the work done at SC&I.

CoP Goals

  • Building community among folks that seek to prioritize inclusion in their work
  • Learning and integrating best practices for inclusion throughout the work in the school
  • Troubleshooting ideas, experiences, and questions in a supportive group with common goals
  • Creating lasting change in how SC&I approaches teaching, research, and other forms of engagement

CoP Topics:

Inclusive Teaching

This is a space, free of judgment, where we will discover and implement strategies to promote equity in our learning spaces. Using resources from years of best practice research, we will discuss practical ways to make all students feel welcome and included in your learning environments.

Engaged Research

This CoP focuses on the experience of designing research projects with and for communities. We hope to build support for those doing this work through the exchange of experiences and learning relevant best practices that will improve the impact of our work and enhance our ability to communicate this work to the public, experts, and other communities.

Fostering Inclusion and Belonging at Work

This CoP is for those interested in learning more about DEI concepts overall and understanding how they are useful for your work at SC&I and in your daily life. We will be following some of the RU Learning Paths through LinkedIn Learning and discussing ways to put our learning into practice to strengthen the feelings of inclusion and belonging at SC&I.

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