DEI Research and Engagement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are addressed across the research of the school. Sample scholarly and public outputs are presented below in alphabetical order of our faculty names within each category type. They cover topics such as race, gender, health disparities, migration, social justice, marginalized groups, alternative media, and much more.


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Journal Articles

Bratich, J., & Banet-Weiser, S. (2019). From Pick-Up Artists to Incels: Con(fidence) Games, Networked Misogyny, and the Failure of Neoliberalism. International Journal of Communication.

Bratich, J. (2018). U.S. feminism, 1968 and mediated collective intellectuality. The Journal of Communication Inquiry, 42(3), 290–299. 

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Floegel, D., Barriage, S., Kitzie, V., & Otlmann, S. (2020). Values, risks, and power influencing librarians’ decisions to host drag queen storytime. Proceedings of the 83rd Annual Meeting of ASIS&T, Virtual conference, October 23-28, 2020.

Floegel, D. (2019). “A good intention gone awry”: Queering makerspaces to support queer creators. Proceedings of the 82nd Annual Meeting of ASIS&T, Melbourne, Australia, October 19-23, 2019.

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Book Chapters

Costello, K. L. (2018). The burden of empowerment: Information work in online health communities. In T. Correia & V. Carvalho da Silva (Eds.), Old tensions, emerging paradoxes in health: Rights, knowledge, and trust. The 17th European Society for Health and Medical Sociology Biennial Conference, Lisbon, Portugal: CIES, ISCTE-IUL.

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Conference Proceedings

Costello, K.L. & Floegel, D. (2019). An effort to characterize equity in mobile mental health assessment. SIG-SI (Social Informatics) Symposium. Oct 19, 2019. Melbourne, Australia.

Hawkins, B., Costello, K. L., Veinot, T. C., Gibson, A., & Greyson, D. (2017). Health information behavior research with marginalized populations. In Proceedings of the 80th Annual ASIS&T Meeting. Oct 28- Nov 1, 2017. Washington, DC

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Kumanyika, C. (May 2018). Winner of George Foster Peabody Award for “The Raid,” an episode of the podcast “Uncivil,” for which I was co-creator, co-executive producer, co- producer, and co-host.

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