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Undergraduate Program Requirements

Interested students must meet each of the following minimum requirements in order to submit an application to any School of Communication and Information major. Students must have already completed:

  • 01:355:101 Expository Writing at Rutgers University or an exact equivalent course with a grade of C or better; AND
  • At least 15 credits at Rutgers, or at least 15 transfer credits to Rutgers, with at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; AND
  • The required course for the major of your choice with a grade of C or better.

For Communication Major applicants, the required prerequisite survey course is 04:189:101 Introduction to Communication and Information Processes

For Journalism & Media Studies Major applicants, the required prerequisite survey course is 04:189:102 Introduction to Media (formerly Introduction to Media Systems and Processes).

For Information Technology & Informatics Major applicants, the required prerequisite survey course is 04:189:103 Information Technology and Informatics

Please note that meeting our minimums does not guarantee admission to a major.

To complete an application for a major

  • Log in to the application.
  • Students should complete some basic information about themselves and complete a one page essay.
  • The essay question asks students to explain why they are interested in the major and what a student projects to be doing after graduating with a Rutgers bachelor degree. The essay should be a maximum of one page.
  • Upload the application essay and unofficial Rutgers University transcripts to the undergraduate application portal.

The application for majors is available online at the beginning of each semester; there are specific deadlines for filing during the semester.  It is important that a student "SUBMIT" the application once it is completed. Our admissions committee will not be able to review applications that are not submitted properly or in a timely fashion.