Applying for a SC&I Double Major

Current undergraduate majors in communication, information technology and informatics, and journalism and media studies can apply to pursue a second major within the School of Communication and Information. Eligible students must be in good academic standing, must already be enrolled in a SC&I undergraduate major, and must be able to fulfill the requirements of the second major without extending their time to graduation. Students successfully admitted to two majors within SC&I will be responsible for completing the academic requirements associated with both SC&I majors.

Students who double major earn a single bachelor's degree, with both majors noted on the student's official transcript. Students should be aware of all requirements of their Rutgers four-year school, including the need for general education courses (e.g. SAS Core courses) and requirements related to other majors and minors. If a student does not complete each academic SC&I major in full, they will not be certified for degree completion.

Students apply to the second SC&I major using the SC&I undergraduate application for admission. Applicants must also satisfy the pre-requisite course requirements for the second SC&I major that they are applying to with a grade of C or better to be considered for admission. Acceptance to one major does not guarantee an acceptance to a second one, as each program holds an independent acceptance process. Students should carefully consider the implications of double majoring on their time-to-degree before applying.

Students considering a SC&I double major should consult an undergraduate academic advisor within the School of Communication and Information and an academic advisor within their four-year college.