Changing Your Major

All students at Rutgers University are encouraged to carefully consider a major before applying to a program. If you are considering a SC&I major, you may wish to take more than one of the school’s 100-level survey courses (04:189:101, 04:189:102, 04:189:103) to gain exposure to more than one major before submitting an application. Taking a second 100-level class early will help because such courses are:

  • Required in order to graduate from SC&I
  • Required as a prerequisite for all upper (400-level) classes

Please note that undergraduate students cannot double major within the School of Communication and Information. For instance, students cannot double major in Communication and Journalism and Media Studies.

Students admitted to a SC&I major who later feel that a different major would be a better choice can apply to change majors during our admissions process each semester. To make the change from the online application:

  • Log in and select to apply for a change of major.
  • Submit an essay explaining:
    • Why you are requesting a switch
    • What you hope to gain from the new major
    • What you see yourself doing five years after graduating from Rutgers