Teaching and Learning Resources

Within SC&I

Instructional Design and Technology Services (IDTS) Office

We have staff who can help you design, develop, teach, and/or enhance your course with more effective activities and technology. They can also help you devise processes to evaluate and improve your course over time.

Academic calendar

Academic integrity

Curriculum and Course Review

The processes and approvals used by the school to add, change, or delete courses, specializations, and other curricula are described here.

When a program is submitting a new course for consideration to be added permanently to the curriculum, faculty should use this cover sheet to submit it. Please use these guidelines when planning your new course.

When a program is submitting revisions to an existing course, faculty should use this cover sheet to submit it.

Enrichment Funding for Courses

As of 2018, New Brunswick's Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs no longer offers funding for enrichment activities for classes.  The Dean's office is now providing such support internally for SC&I classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The process for enrichment funding is:

  1. An instructor should complete the funding application form and submit it to their chair for approval.
  2. If the department chair approves, he/she should submit the signed form to the Assistant Dean for Programs and Assessment for final approval.
  3. If the request is approved, the instructor will be notified.
  4. If students travel to the site independently, no further steps are necessary. In the case of leasing a vehicle to take the class on the trip, the instructor must then submit (a) the signed approval form, (b) a detailed itinerary, and (c) the roster of students in the class to Matt Spaventa in the Office of Risk Management to obtain a waiver form for students to sign. You can contact Matt at spaventa@finance.rutgers.edu or (848) 932-3008.
  5. The instructor should distribute the form to the students in the class and receive back signed documents from all students going on the trip.
  6. Any student who does not sign the form should not go on the field trip.
  7. The instructor must email a scan of the signed forms to Matt Spaventa in advance of the trip.
  8. The instructor should give the original forms to a faculty support staff member. Those forms must be retained by SC&I for seven years.


End of semester grades

Click here for an information sheet that has details and advice for faculty on submitting grades.

Grade change advice

Please refer students to our Grade Change Advice online to help them understand the grade appeal process and strategies.

Syllabus template

This is a document all instructors may use to help build a syllabus. It includes required and optional sections along with explanations and suggestions for use.

*Curriculum Review Processes at SC&I – For more related to curriculum review processes at SC&I, see the section on Organizational and Governance Resources.

Taking a trip with a class

The university offers this advice page for those considering a field trip with a class.

If you are taking a trip with your class, please provide an itinerary to your program director.

Please have your students complete one of the appropriate waivers for your trip:

Field Trips with Students and Other Enriching Classroom Experiences (University Support)

Office of Undergraduate Education in New Brunswick will provide financial support for class trips and other activities that support learning.  For information and to apply for the funds, please visit their site. 

If you do travel with students, you need to have them complete a trip waiver.  The appropriate waiver depends on the mode of transportation.

Other Teaching and Learning Resources at Rutgers

Aresty Research Center

Supporting activities related to undergraduate research and education, Aresty can provide instructors with help sponsoring field trips and other educationally enriching experiences.

  Center For Teaching Advancement And Assessment Research (CTAAR)

Course management systems

Search by class number for final exam schedule.


New Brunswick Registrar

RAMS (Rutgers Automated Mass-Mailing System)

RAMS helps you create and use an automatically-generated mailing list for your classes. Once on the RAMS site, use the links on the left of the page to generate your lists.

Roster Access

Log in to access your class roster.

Schedule of Classes

Writing centers and tutoring

(Help for Students Who are Struggling Academically)
  • Learning Centers on campus – can provide tutoring individually and in groups
  • Writing Centers on campus – can provide tutoring individually and in groups