Getting Around SC&I and Rutgers


SC&I is on the College Avenue Campus of Rutgers-New Brunswick.  There are several other campuses within Rutgers-New Brunswick, as well as regional campuses in North and South Jersey.


For information about parking permits, parking lots, campus bus route, and all things transportation on campus, visit Rutgers Parking and Transportation Services.

Campus Buses

Rutgers has an extensive bus and shuttle system that runs between campuses.

Escort Service

If you feel unsafe going to your car or another location to or from campus, Rutgers Police will provide you with an escort at any time.  Call 732-932-7211.


New Brunswick Faculty & Staff Administrative Gateway – Links to dozens of resources for faculty and staff on the New Brunswick campus.

Rutgers Car Service Available for Business and Personal Use

Rutgers offers transport services for both personal and work purposes through its CSO office within the Department of Public Safety.  To arrange for the transport, send an email to Matt Iozzio at with the following information:

  1. Date of transport
  2. Time of pick up
  3. Your name
  4. Your cell phone number
  5. Your email address
  6. Address for pick up
  7. Destination
  8. Number of Passengers

The cost is $25.00 per hour, which includes tolls and tips.  You are billed when the driver leaves the Public Safety Building and returns to the building.

If you are traveling for work, the invoice can be paid with an Internal Purchase Order.  If you are using the transport for personal use, you can pay with a personal check.

SC&I Buildings

The five buildings that comprise the School of Communication and Information are all within a block at the northwest end of the College Avenue Campus:

  • The main building is at 4 Huntington Street, at the corner of College Avenue and Huntington Street, next to Alexander Library.
  • The SC&I Annex (Annex A) and Friedrich House (Annex B) are located at 192 College Avenue, on the corner diagonally across from the main building.
  • Simeon DeWitt House is 185 College Avenue, inset on the property of the main building.
  • Huntington House is at 184 College Avenue, across the street from the main building and Dewitt.
  • Richardson House is at 1 Richardson Street, half a block from the main building.