Digital Media

The Digital Media specialization is intended for journalists and other media or communication specialists who wish to retool and gain understanding of 21st century media. This includes study of grassroots reporting and advocacy.  The specialization will ensure students are conversant in digital video capture, editing, and production as well as social media management. This specialization is completely online, although face-to-face or online electives in other specializations are available to these students.

Specialization Core Requirements (6 credits)

Electives (18 Credits)

These courses are recommended for this specialization.

Cross-listed Ph.D./MCM Courses (as offered by semester)

Special Topics Courses (as offered by semester):

  • 5XX Effective Presentations
  • 5XX Crisis Communication
  • 5XX Small Group Communication
  • 5XX Transmedia Storytelling
  • 5XX Creative Engagement

“Digital media, regardless of whether it is on social media platforms, the Internet, broadcast tv, video games, etc., is constantly evolving. Not only that, but it is doing so at such a rapid pace.  As a result, I think anyone operating in this industry needs to be able to stay on top of trends, and perform at maximum efficiency as a means of staying timely and relevant.”

Elizabeth Boyle, MCM ’18, senior marketing automation specialist, National University System