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Scholars at the School of Communication and Information take an interdisciplinary approach to research that spans the fields of information science, library studies, communication, journalism and media studies.

Sanctioned Online Communities May Become More Radicalized, New Study Finds

New research by Assistant Professor Shagun Jhaver suggests users of toxic online communities on social media platforms that are sanctioned for their dangerous content don’t stop posting, they just move to standalone, non-moderated websites where they can become more toxic and ideologically radical, and thus potentially cause even more harm to society.

Tracing the Rise of Digital Journalism

The transformation of the twentieth century communications system to a digital format and its impact on the public, media organizations, and democracy is the subject of a new book by Professor John Pavlik.

An Essential Guide for Leadership Development in Higher Education

The newly revised edition of “A Guide for Leaders in Higher Education: Concepts, Competencies, and Tools, Second Edition” highlights the need for leaders and aspiring leaders in higher education to “think broadly about the purposes of higher education and the dynamics of organizational excellence, and to apply these insights effectively in goal setting, planning and change leadership,” and more.