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Scholars at the School of Communication and Information take an interdisciplinary approach to research that spans the fields of information science, library studies, communication, journalism and media studies.

David A. Love Contributes to “Four Hundred Souls"

Love, a faculty member at SC&I, wrote a chapter for the new book “Four Hundred Souls” that tells the history of the Royal African Company, an English slave-trading company that held a monopoly on the British slave trade between the African continent and the West Indies.

1789: A Pivotal Year of Conflict and Innovation Still Resonating in 2021

A new book by Associate Professor of Practice Marc Aronson explores the year 1789, a pivotal year in an era of enslavement, and conflict over human rights, that rippled throughout Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean, and offers many insights into many of the global conflicts we still grapple with today.

Mary Chayko Promoted to Distinguished Teaching Professor

Chayko’s promotion, likely the first of its kind at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, recognizes her outstanding teaching, innovations in course delivery and new media use, and national and international impact.

Joyce Valenza Appointed to the ALA Business Advisory Group

The Executive Director of the American Library Association has appointed Associate Teaching Professor Joyce Valenza to the ALA Business Advisory Group. The group, ALA said, will explore and advise ALA on strategies related to new business development.