JMS Dual-Degree BA/MCM Program

Rutgers Journalism and Media Studies majors can apply for the Master’s in Communication and Media program in their junior or senior year as part of the dual-degree BA/MCM program option.

  • Complete your MCM degree with 12 months of full-time study or at your own pace.
  • Save money by paying undergraduate tuition rates for MCM courses (taken in fall or spring semesters only).

Plan Before You Apply

If you want to enter the dual-degree program:

  • Plan to apply during your junior or early in your senior year.
  • Apply at least one semester before you will take your first dual-degree course.
  • Determine whether you have to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

By the end of junior year, you will have completed your six required courses and one upper-level elective for the JMS major. You do not have to complete these before applying to the dual-degree program.

Apply to the Dual-Degree Program

During your junior year or early senior year, apply to the MCM program through Graduate Admissions. Your application will be reviewed once you submit all application materials and your application is considered complete.

The MCM program is selective in accepting students. To enhance the chances of being accepted, ask for letters of recommendation from professors in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies or other Rutgers faculty who know your work.

Application Gudelines

Please note you will need to apply for the term following your anticipated undergraduate graduation term. You need to remain coded as an undergraduate student during your senior year. If admitted, you will be able to complete MCM courses in your senior year. You will receive special permission numbers from the Office of Student Services to register for the courses.

If you Plan to Finish Your Undergraduate Coursework in: Then, Apply For:
January 2023 Spring 2023
May 2023 Summer or Fall 2023
August 2023 Fall 2023
January 2024 Spring 2024
May 2024 Summer or Fall 2024
August 2024 Fall 2024
January 2025 Spring 2025
May 2025 Summer or Fall 2025
August 2025 Fall 2025

Selecting Courses

When selecting your junior-year courses, your priority is to work toward completing your undergraduate major and minor requirements. If you are admitted to the MCM program, meet with MCM Program Director Richard Dool, who will help you plan future coursework.

What Happens Once You Are Admitted

After admission, the MCM director will advise you about your study plan and options.
For your senior year:

  • Register for any combination of four MCM courses or 400-level undergraduate courses to count toward both your undergraduate and MCM requirements.
  • You may take any 500-level MCM course in your senior year with the exception of:
  • If you enter in the second semester of your senior year, it may be a challenge to enroll for the full 12 credits, but we encourage you to apply to gain some benefits. The MCM program director will advise you.

Helpful Contacts

For questions regarding dual-degree BA and MCM, reach out to MCM Program Director Richard Dool. You can also discuss the dual-degree program with Graduate Student Counselor Alli Machiaverna. Undergraduate advisors in the Office of Student Services can provide the best advice about completing your undergraduate degree requirements.