Design Your Own Pathway

Lilia PavlovskyCoordinator: Lilia Pavlovsky, Ph.D.

You do not have to select a concentration. Once you complete the foundation and technical requirements (listed below), you are free to select whichever courses align best with your goals. It is best to do this with the guidance of a faculty member/adviser. If you are new to the program, contact Program Director Lilia Pavlovsky, Ph.D.

Foundation and Technical Requirements for MI Program:

Zero-credit Courses (required for all students):

Minimum Technology Course Requirement (3 credits):

Note: This course is required for Library & Information Science students. For the other concentrations, our program assumes that students have attained the competencies and objectives listed for 550. Please look at the course to determine if you meet the standards. If you do not, you must also take this course. If you have any questions, contact Associate Teaching Professor of Library and Information Science Anselm Spoerri.

Foundational Requirements (2 courses / 6 credits):

Note: Refer to the specific course study plans to see if a particular foundation course is required for your concentration.