Technology, Information and Management

Suchinth Fernando Lilia PavlovskyTechnology, Information and Management Concentration Coordinators:
Lilia Pavlovsky, Ph.D. and Suchinthi Fernando

This concentration develops your analytical, management and leadership expertise and will enable you to engage in an array of functions in modern organizations, including:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Data curation and analysis
  • Information and project management
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Strategic decision-making

Concentration Goals and Objectives

This concentration’s goal is to develop you as an agile information professional capable of serving as a leader and innovator in your organization and profession. You will be able to assume roles that employ an understanding of how information is best applied, managed and created to support organizational objectives. You will also acquire the technological acumen to be able to develop and manage information systems and applications.

Requirements for Technology, Information & Management Concentration

Program Requirements

36 credits, plus 3 zero-credit courses

Zero-credit Courses (required for all students):

Minimum Technology Course Requirement (3 credits):

Note: This course is required for Library & Information Science students. For the other concentrations, our program assumes that students have attained the competencies and objectives listed for 550. Please look at thecourse to determine if you meet the standards. If you do not, you must also take this course. If you have any questions, contact Associate Teaching Professor of Library and Information Science Anselm Spoerri.

Foundational Requirements (select 2 courses / 6 credits):

Note: Refer to the specific course study plans to see if a particular foundation course is required for your concentration.

Concentration-Specific Requirements
Concentration Electives & General Elective

Concentration Electives (select 3 courses / 9 credits):

You may select other courses with approval from a coordinator.

General Electives

You can select any courses that are relevant to your plan of study from the MI Curriculum. You can transfer 6 credits from external programs (upon approval of director. Follow process noted in "Transfer credit policy")