Data Science

Tawfiq AmmariData Science Concentration Coordinator: Tawfiq Ammari.

With this concentration, you will learn about identifying data-driven problems and solving them using analytics approaches that include data/information retrieval, storage, analysis and visualization.

You can apply these skills to assume a wide range of professional responsibilities and opportunities available in areas that increasingly rely on the availability and use of data, including:

  • E-commerce
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Research and analytics

Concentration Goals and Objectives

There is a growing demand for addressing data-driven problems; this concentration will equip you with the tools, techniques and analytic thinking skills needed to meet this demand. Specifically, this concentration will prepare you to be a leader who will be able to:

  • Analyze value-driven data at scale.
  • Understand the socio-economic context.
  • Derive valuable insights for the betterment of individuals and the society.
  • Have a strong grounding on privacy and the ethical aspects surrounding such data.

Requirements For Data Science

Program Requirements

36 credits, plus 3 zero-credit courses

Zero-credit Courses (required for all students):

Minimum Technology Course Requirement (3 credits):

Note: This course is required for Library & Information Science students. For the other concentrations, our program assumes that students have attained the competencies and objectives listed for 550. Please look at the course to determine if you meet the standards. If you do not, you must also take this course. If you have any questions, contact Associate Teaching Professor of Library and Information Science Anselm Spoerri.

Foundational Requirements (Select 2 courses / 6 credits):

Note: Refer to the specific course study plans to see if a particular foundation course is required for your concentration.

Concentration Requirements
Concentration Electives and General Electives

Electives for Data Science* (Select 3 courses / 9 credits):

*You can also consider taking an Independent Study with a faculty member or finding another course that meets the approval of the Concentration Coordinator.

General Electives (Select 2-3 courses / 6-9 credits):

Choose from any course offered in the MI program at SC&I.

Obtaining her MI degree in Data Science, Muralidharan said she chose the MI Program at SC&I because it “has a variety of technology as well as non-technology courses for me to choose from. This gave me flexibility in selecting the course load for each semester as well as the areas I would like to concentrate on. The MI program also has excellent faculty who have been recognized for their research by organizations like Amazon. This serves as a great motivator and encourages students to envision great things.”

Anusha Muralidharan, MI ’19, associate application developer, ADP