Health and Wellness Communication

SC&I Communication majors who graduate with a specialization in Health and Wellness work to educate and inform the public, workplaces, schools and communities about health and wellness issues that can improve everyone’s quality of life. You’ll be equipped to conduct healthy-living campaigns in communities, help develop effective health policy, conduct health intervention research or advise health providers about communication with patients and their families.

Explore These Career Opportunities

This specialization provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to prepare you to enter fields related to:

  • Community Health Intervention
  • Community Health Literacy
  • Counseling
  • Health Campaign Design
  • Health Education
  • Physician/Patient Liaison
  • Public Health Advocacy
  • Public Health Policy
  • Social Work

Career opportunities exist in for-profit and nonprofit agencies including government, hospitals, health departments, schools and other industries. You may also pursue an advanced degree in fields like communication, health education, sociology or nutrition science.

Good additional resources include:

Work with Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty members bring academic rigor and real-world experience to the classroom and guide you through the unique communication demands of healthcare professionals as well as through the development of effective communication strategies and skills for use in health intervention and health care practice. From designing, implementing and evaluating public health communication campaigns to solving contemporary and practical problems through health communication and health literacy, our faculty seamlessly blend fundamental theory with real-world applications.

Choose Health and Wellness Communication Courses

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Required Courses: Health and Wellness Communication

This specialization requires a total of six courses (18 credits). If you’re using this specialization to fulfill the Communication major’s degree requirements, at least 6 credits must be at the 400 level. To expand your career options, you can combine the Health and Wellness specialization with other specializations as long as you satisfy all the requirements. Consider these combinations and possible career paths.

Core Courses
You must select at least three and may take up to six.

Elective Courses
You may select up to a maximum of three.