Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations

Imagine handling accounts for a busy PR agency, managing social media accounts for a national brand or staffing a government leader's communication department. The work of SC&I Communication majors who graduate with a specialization in Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations involves managing an organization’s image, promoting its brand, and designing, convening and facilitating stakeholder communication and decision-making in a variety of public contexts.

Explore These Career Opportunities

Getting established as a strategic communicator can provide you with a competitive edge in industries like entertainment and sports, hospitality, pharmaceutical, small advertising/PR agencies and nonprofits, as well as in fields related to:

  • Community Organizing and Outreach
  • Corporate Public Affairs
  • Internal Communications
  • Marketing
  • Media Analysis
  • Political, Civic and Government Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Publicity Management
  • Special Events Coordination

Good additional resources include:

Work with Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty members bring academic rigor and real-world experience to the classroom, engaging students in the rigor and application of strategic communication and PR strategies and principles. From strategizing the most effective message, to careful analysis of compelling case studies, to executing process facilitation, our faculty members work to seamlessly blend fundamental theory with practical applications.

Choose Strategic Public Communication & Public Relations Courses

Get started on customizing a Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations specialization and learn more about available courses.

Required Courses: Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations

This specialization requires a total of six courses (18 credits). If you’re using this specialization to fulfill the Communication major’s degree requirements, at least 6 credits must be at the 400 level. To expand your career options, you can combine the Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations specialization with other specializations as long as you satisfy all the requirements. Consider these combinations and possible career paths.

Core Courses
You must select at least two and may take up to five.

Elective Courses
You may select up to four total with at least one from this first group; the others may be from the Practice/Tools set.

Practice/Tools Electives