COM Requirements

SC&I offers an undergraduate major in Communication (COM). The program consists of 36 credits:

  • Seven required courses (21 credits)
  • Five upper-level electives (15 credits)

The electives give you the opportunity to focus on an area of concentration. A GPA of 2.0 in Communication is required for completion of the Communication major. You may use this sheet to document the completion of your Communication courses as you proceed through the major.

Program Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the 36-credit hours student will meet the following Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Competency in written communication in varied settings (including interpersonal, family, group, health, organizational or mediated settings).
  2. Ability to use communication theories and concepts to analyze human behavior (including interpersonal, family, group, health, organizational or mediated settings)
  3. Ability to apply communication theories and concepts to social and professional life (including issues of diversity, ethics and civic engagement)
  4. Understanding of fundamental communication perspectives, theories and concepts
  5. Proficiency in gathering and using evidence to study and understand communication processes and consequences (including asking questions and systematically attempting to answer them, understanding the value and limitations of the research processes and conclusions)
  6. Competency in oral communication in varied settings (including interpersonal, family, group, health, organizational or mediated settings)

Prerequisites for Application

We seek dynamic, engaged students who wish to learn how to evaluate, implement, use and manage information technologies. To be considered for acceptance, you must complete:

Requirements for Admitted Students

Students who are accepted into the COM major complete three sets of requirements: one SC&I interdisciplinary course, four core courses and seven electives. You can access complete course descriptions for these and all SC&I undergraduate courses online.

Required Courses (21 credits):

Upper Level Communication Electives (15 credits):
These electives are exclusively available to Communication majors except 04:192:380 Public Speaking, which is open to the general student population as well.

  • 04:192:3xx or 4xx
  • 04:192:3xx or 4xx
  • 04:192:3xx or 4xx
  • 04:192:4xx
  • 04:192:4xx

NOTE: Students admitted to COM before Fall 2017, please see separate program requirements.

Communication Specializations

The COM major offers four specializations to help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.

If you’re looking to gain a wider perspective, you may elect to combine specializations. Not sure what specialization works best? View all specializations at once with our "At-a-Glance Chart". With careful planning, a specialization shouldn’t take any more credits that the major—contact an advisor in the Office of Student Services for expert advice.

Dual Degree BA/MCM Program Option

Want to earn a COM bachelor’s degree and a Master of Communication and Media degree? Check out our dual degree BA and MCM program option.

  • Apply in your junior or senior year.
  • Save money by paying undergraduate tuition rates for MCM courses (taken in Fall or Spring semesters only).
  • Complete your MCM degree within 12 months of full-time study or at your own pace.
  • Most MCM students complete their degree within 24 months and 60 percent complete their degree while working full-time.