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The Actors Who Have Portrayed Tarzan

Since the first Tarzan movie, Tarzan of the Apes in 1918, there have been 20 actors who have swung across the screen, bringing Edgar Rice Burroughs' "jungle man" to life.

Portraying Tarzan was no easy role. Many of these actors performed their own stunts, sometimes suffering injuries that were later written into the script as injuries suffered by Tarzan, proving that he was indeed a man, and unlike other "superheros" such as Superman, was just as vunerable as the rest of us.

Elmo Lincoln Previous to acting, several of the actors had been champion gymnasts and Olympic athletes and brought their agility and strength onto the set. Others had begun their careers as stuntmen on other action movies, and later as stand-ins for earlier Tarzan actors. Many would later go on to roles in westerns and science fiction adventures, paving the way for the thrill-a-minute action movies of today. Click on the image for a larger view of Elmo Lincoln

Stellan Windrow
Gordon Griffith
Elmo Lincoln (note: this link works)
Gene Pollar
P. Dempsey Tabler
James Pierce
Frank Merrill (note: this link works)
Johnny Weissmuller
Buster Crabbe (note: this link works)
Herman Brix
Glen Morris
Lex Barker
Gordon Scott
Denny Miller
Jock Mahoney
Mike Henry
Ron Ely
Miles O'Keeffe
Christopher Lambert
Casper Van Dien

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