MI Program Assessment

Systematic planning and program learning assessment are an integral part of our program’s operation. The following information is the result of systematic information gathering and ongoing decision making based on such data:

  • ALA Accreditation: In 2019 Rutgers MLIS (currently MI) program was granted accreditation by the American Library Association. The program presentation was submitted in August 2018. The next accreditation is scheduled for 2025.
  • The program also submits a Biennial report outlining program developments. The most recent was submitted in February 2021.
  • MI Career Outcome report: Notes various career-related outcomes of Master of information students.  82% of employed MI graduates report being employed in a position related to their area of study.  87% of MI graduates report that their job has been enhanced by their experience in the program
  • Retention rate: The point in time comparison from Fall '19 to Fall '20 has a retention rate of 90.3%The semester-to-semester retention rate from Fall '19 to Spring '20 has a retention rate of 93.8%.  These rates are not significantly different from the previous year's data.
  • The average time to degree completion for MI students is 2.25 years.