Library and Information Science

Nancy Kranich Library and Information Science Concentration Coordinators: Nancy Kranich

Our flexible, interdisciplinary LIS curriculum explores the interplay between theory and practice.

You learn the foundational concepts, principles, values, skills, competencies and disposition needed to assume agile leadership roles in providing information services and resources for communities.


Concentration Goals and Objectives

We prepare service-oriented, user-focused practitioners who acknowledge the evolving information, technological and learning needs of a diverse and global society, as well as the social issues involving equity of access. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Analyze, maintain, select and build physical and digital collections.
  • Provide formal and informal instruction in a range of traditional and emerging literacies.
  • Perform and instruct in specialized research/information strategies.
  • Perform face-to-face and digital reference services.
  • Analyze and creatively meet community needs.

Requirements for Library and Information Science Concentration

Program Requirements

36 credits, plus 3 zero-credit courses

Zero-credit Courses (required for all students):

36 credits, plus 3 zero-credit courses

Minimum Technology Course Requirement (3 credits, required for LIS students):

Foundational Requirements (Select 2 courses / 6 credits):

Note: Refer to the specific course study plans to see if a particular foundation course is required for your concentration.

Concentration Specific Requirements

LIS Concentration-specific Elective Courses: (Select a minimum of 3 courses / 9 credits):

General Electives

Choose from any courses offered in the MI program at SC&I. You can also take up to two courses (6 credits) from outside the program.

"I became increasingly interested in learning how librarians maintain and increase access to humanities resources digitally so I looked for a LIS program that had a focus on technology. Learning that the Rutgers iSchool had a history as a leader in information science and technology drew my interest.

Stephanie Nakamura, MI ’22, library/tech assistant, Hawaii Baptist Academy