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Scholars at the School of Communication and Information take an interdisciplinary approach to research that spans the fields of information science, library studies, communication, journalism and media studies.

MCM Director Richard Dool Publishes new book, “12 Months of Leadership Insights: A Compendium of Leadership Lessons from 40 Leaders”

By researching and analyzing the leadership insights and practices of proven global leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Indra Nooyi, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Ma, Golda Meir, Bill Gates, and Sara Blakely to name a few; Dool aims to provide readers with insights to enhance their leadership skills.

The New Community Design for Health and Wellness Interdisciplinary Research Group Funds 14 Innovative Projects at Rutgers

SC&I’s Mark Aakhus and Sarah Allred of the Walter Rand Institute at Rutgers Camden, CDHW-IRG’s co-PIs, have awarded 14 seed grants to Rutgers researchers who are designing innovative solutions to help communities achieve improved health and wellness outcomes for their residents.

Brent Ruben and Ralph Gigliotti ’17 coauthor new book, “Leadership, Communication and Social Influence: A Theory of Resonance, Activation, and Cultivation”

In an age of heightened and polarized ideologies and viewpoints from the workplace to national politics, Ruben and Gigliotti encourage readers to engage in critical self-reflection about the dynamics of social influence in our personal and professional lives, and the responsibility we each bear as agents of social influence.