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Predicting Loneliness Through Online Digital Footprints

By Greg Bruno, Rutgers University Office of Communications 

User data from Google, YouTube and other online platforms can be used to predict, prevent and even mitigate loneliness, potentially lowering the risk of suicide for at-risk individuals, according to a Rutgers study.

How is Artificial Intelligence Impacting Higher Education?

Assistant Dean for Programs and Assessment Sharon Stoerger discusses educational uses of AI, how it is transforming student assessment, approaches educators are taking to prepare students for STEM careers, and ways institutions are embracing this new technology.

Research Misidentifying Gender in Online Content May Result in Exacerbating Gendered Disparities Both On and Offline

A new study by Assistant Professor Sarah Shugars explores how the misgendering of online users in scholarly work can have significant down-stream impacts on questions of online gender disparities. For example, across their analyses Shugars et al. found that nonbinary users and others – both cisgender and transgender – who don’t perform their gender in a cis-normative way are systematically undercounted and frequently misgendered.