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Undergraduate Advising

Current and prospective students are encouraged to seek out advising throughout their academic career.  SC&I Student Services staff can provide students with information about the academic programs, admissions and degree requirements, and much more. Faculty in your degree program can offer you more in-depth guidance about your overall career pathway.

It is important that undergraduate majors in SC&I remember that you are required to meet all of the academic requirements of their SC&I undergraduate major AND the requirements of the 4 year school that they were initially admitted to.  If you were originally admitted to SAS and have now been admitted to SC&I, you never lost your affiliation with SAS; you gained an affiliation with SC&I. Thus, you must complete the requirements of your SC&I major and the SAS requirements including the SAS Core, being in good academic standing, and accruing 120 credits.

Undergraduate students seeking advising can visit the SC&I Office of Student Services weekdays from 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. for walk-in academic advising.  Students may also call the main office at 848.932.7550 to schedule an academic advising appointment with a SC&I Student Counselor.

Information about the academic programs, policies, and procedures is also available online and in the program handbooks.

All undergraduate students within SC&I should maintain regular contact with the SC&I academic advisor as well as with the academic advising office of their 4 year admitted school. 

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