Master of Information class

MI Program Information

Degree Requirements

A minimum of thirty-six credits, or twelve courses, is required to earn the Master of Information (MI) degree. The MI program must be completed in three years. Students can transfer up to 6 credits from other programs of study at Rutgers. These credits should in some way be connected to your academic goals.

Credits: 36 (12 courses):
Full time study: 9 credits or more (1.5-2 years for completion)
Part time study: Fewer than 9 credits (2-3 years for completion)
Maximum load: 15 credits 
Transfer credits: Maximum of 6 credits (pending approval)

MI Requirements

1.  All students  (unless you are specializing in School Librarianship*) must take 2 Foundation Classes.  The goal is to have all students enroll in one foundation class and the technology requirement class in their first semester.  All students must enroll in 501 during their first semester as well. Summer admits will take 501 in the fall.

School Library students must follow their prescribed course plan listed  in the School library course of study.  This course plan is approved by the state and required for certification.

2.  All students must take the technology requirement 17:610:550.  Students can ask to waive this requirement if you possess the basic competencies of this course.  Please find the full course here.  If students would like to request a waiver, contact Anselm Spoerri, course coordinator.

3.  All students must take zero credit:

Each course is offered in the fall and spring semesters.

4.  All students must complete 36 credit hours


If students choose to select a concentration, upon fulfillment of the requirements your transcript will reflect that decision. A concentration designation is important if the student's goal is to gain deep knowledge and competency of an area. Specifically, if the student wants to work in a library or school library context they should select LIS as their concentration.  Same holds true with the other concentrations some of which, like Data Science, have course requirements and pathways that build upon expertise acquired in specified pathways within that concentration.  Students can take courses from any concentration providing they meet any prerequisite requirements.  Students are not required to choose a concentration and can build their own pathways.

MI Scholarships and Awards

The School is proud to be able to recognize high achieving graduate students each year by awarding scholarships and awards.  

Information about the department scholarships and scholarship eligibility criteria are listed here.  All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid by completing a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).  Additional information about the FAFSA application and other financial aid information is available on the Rutgers University Financial Aid webpage