Applying for Diploma

Graduate Students. To be eligible to graduate from Rutgers and receive a diploma, students should visit the Online Diploma Application page. Students will be asked to submit basic information (name as it should appear on a diploma, contact information, etc.). Pending applications will be forwarded to SC&I's Office of Student Services for certification.

Application Deadlines:

  • August 15 for August graduates (finish during the summer term)
  • October 1 for October graduates (finish after the summer term)
  • January 2 for January graduates (finish during the fall term)
  • March 15 for May graduates (finish during the spring term)

If a student applies for a particular semester and later needs to alter those plans and graduate at a different time, follow this procedure:

  • Alert our office as we will need to have your original application to graduate canceled. 
  • Submit a new application to reflect your updated plans so that we can certify you for the appropriate semester.   An example for a need to change graduation dates: If a student applies by April 1 with plans to graduate in May, but needs to change plans finish degree work over the summer, the student can choose to change from a May graduation date to an August date. For complete details, please visit the Graduation/Diplomas section of the New Brunswick Registrar's website. 
  • Undergraduate Students. All New Brunswick undergraduate students who anticipate finishing degree requirements within the coming year MUST apply online for graduation by the deadline dates listed on the Undergraduate Diploma Application website.  Since SC&I is not a 4 year school, you must follow the deadline of the school you were initially admitted to.

Check out detailed information on SC&I's Graduation Ceremonies.