Enrollment and Registration

Register Online for Rutgers Courses, WebReg

Access the online Web Registration System, also known as “WebReg.”

  • Click on Login for Rutgers Students 
  • Enter Net ID and Net ID password
  • Select appropriate semester
  • Scroll down and enter the course index number for each course into the first fields, after the letters "Pfx.” Students may find the index number by visiting the Rutgers Online Schedule of Classes (the index number is a 5 digit number that will be in a green box with the course details on the Schedule of Classes)* 
  • Click on Add Courses

Once students have completed these steps, courses added to schedule should appear on the right side of the WebReg screen.

Access the Rutgers Online Schedule of Classes:

  • Select term
  • Select New Brunswick
  • Select Graduate
  • On the next screen, students should scroll down and select their curriculum from the drop down menu (the next screen will list all available courses for that semester)

What is a Credit Prefix (Pfx)?
Graduate degree students taking undergraduate courses at the 300-400 level must select a credit prefix ('Pfx' dropdown) to indicate whether the course counts toward the degree. Prefixes are not required for graduate courses and are not appropriate for non-degree students, so don't worry about them - this doesn't apply to you so you can leave them as they are.


The New Brunswick Registrar's Offices serve as the custodian of student academic records. We provide and maintain essential processes and answer inquiries with confidentiality and integrity for our students, faculty, and administrators while supporting our mission. We also provide and support registration, transcripts and verifications, posting of grades and degrees, changes in residency, calendars, name and address changes, Veteran's benefits, awarding of diplomas, as well as graduation and commencement information.

Rutgers University Schedule Of Classes

Rutgers students can visit the University Schedule of Classes to find available courses. This can help lead to building, comparing, reviewing, and registering schedules.

Transcript Requests and Enrollment Verification

Student Unofficial Transcript and Grades System

Currently enrolled students can visit the Student Unofficial Transcript and Grades System to view class schedules, as well as semester grades, full transcripts, and transfer course credits. Transcript information is updated nightly. Transcripts are not available on Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m.

Rutgers University Transcript, Verification and Term Grade Request Application

To request an official transcript, visit the Transcript/Enrollment Certification & Term Grade Report System 

Request Student Enrollment Verification

To request student enrollment verification, visit the “Get Verification Form” section of the Transcript/Enrollment Certification & Term Grade Report System.