Study Abroad

Diversify your college career and develop new intellectual interests, challenge assumptions about your own and others’ cultures, build cross-cultural skills of value to future employers and create exciting memories!

As a Rutgers student, you have access to programs all over the world, where you’ll be able to attend classes and earn credits while gaining first-hand knowledge of another language and culture.

Students may review the undergraduate program handbooks for information about study abroad opportunities within the undergraduate majors.   For additional information, students are encouraged to reach out to the Rutgers Global–Study Abroad. When you choose an approved program, the Center will:

  • Provide pre-travel orientation, assistance and support.
  • Ensure that credits for courses taken abroad are transferred to the RU registrar’s system.
  • Provide you with information about health and travel insurance.
  • Advise you about enrolling and accommodations at the foreign university.
  • Contact Student Services if you have questions.
  • For more information about Study Abroad opportunities and to contact a Study Abroad representative, visit the Rutgers Global–Study Abroad.